Elizabeth Caudy
Music soothes my schizoaffective disorder and I’ve been a fan of Tori Amos since I was in high school in the 1990s, before my first schizoaffective psychotic episode. Amos’ heyday was in the ‘90s, but she’s continued making music about controversial themes such as sexuality, suicide, and rape since then. Her fearlessness in what she sings about as she straddles her piano bench has comforted me since I first started listening to her and especially comforts my schizoaffective anxiety now that her music has gotten more mellow--although her lyrics still pack a punch.
Kim Berkley
Self-harm reasons, both for starting and for stopping, are as numerous and varied as colors in cathedral windows. I can only speak from my own experience, but in so doing, I hope to help others better understand their own reasons—or those of someone they love—for doing what they do.
Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC, DAIS
Do you know how to meditate when your anxiety won't let you be still? Recently, I wrote about mindfulness meditation for anxiety. Because it's so powerful and yet so frustrating, I'm returning to the topic of how to meditate to expand on it further--helping you to learn how to meditate despite anxiety.
Mahevash Shaikh
On June 14, Sushant Singh Rajput, a rich and famous Bollywood actor killed himself with seemingly no reason to be depressed. The man was only 34 years old and was on prescription drugs for depression. As we fans grieve, multiple questions are being raised, from the expected to the sensational. And there is one question that is being asked over and over: what drove him to commit suicide? Being rich and famous, he had everything going for him. Surely he had no reason to be depressed in the first place.
Heidi Green, Psy.D.
You can enhance your self-worth by using personal commitments. This is a necessary skill because low self-worth is a common concern and people always seem to be looking for how to build more self-worth. Do I need more self-care? How can I be nicer to myself? Why am I so judgmental? I spent years looking for the secret to strong self-worth and though I'm still a work in progress, I've answered some of my questions. Here's what has helped me build my sense of self-worth.
Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer
Are you all too familiar with the inner eating disorder voice's monologue which tries to convince you that self-worth can only be achieved with a perfect body? This critical, insidious whisper does not come from you—it's the influence of an eating disorder that aims to control your decisions and undermine your wholeness. But a foundational part of recovery is learning how to both identify and confront the eating disorder voice in your head. 
Nori Rose Hubert
I'm currently working from home with bipolar disorder. Although lockdown measures are beginning to ease, social distancing is still critically important -- especially now, as a second wave of COVID-19 infections spike. This pandemic is changing the landscape of the modern workplace, with many companies allowing their employees to continue to work from home, sparking predictions that remote work may very well become a permanent part of the "new normal."
Megan Lane
Sometimes, practicing self-care in a verbally abusive relationship is the only thing you can do. While it's easy for friends and family members to tell verbal abuse victims to "just leave," the act of leaving a verbally abusive relationship isn't quite as easy. People who are observing our situation from the outside in aren't capable of understanding the complexities of our partnerships. There are so many factors that weigh in: children, fear, finances, lacking confidence, believing no one will love us again, our broken-down mindset, and so much more. These factors can make leaving our abuser much more difficult. That's why self-care in an abusive relationship is a must.
TJ DeSalvo
I talked a little about cleaning in my last video and the cathartic effects I find in giving away things I don’t really need. I feel as though a discussion on the benefits of minimalism to curb anxiety is a natural segue way from what came before. I think for anyone with anxiety, trying as best you can to live as minimally as possible is the only healthy way to be.
Hollay Ghadery
Ever wonder what long-term eating disorder recovery looks like? Eleven years ago, I could never have imagined what my life would look like now. I assumed based on what everyone was saying that it would be better, but the day-to-day nuances of existence were beyond me. These details were so beyond me, in fact, that it was often hard for me to focus on the short-term goals I set for myself in my recovery. Goals like making time for mindfulness, getting more sleep, getting outside, deep breathing, and paring down my negative self-talk would be crushed under the weight of what the unknown future held. 

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Laura A. Barton
Thanks as always, Lizanne! I'm always thrilled to see your comments. :)
Garvin Titan
Yes, you should definitely trust your health to an idiot who memorized enough to pass the boards and then couldn't get into a real medical specialty. Also, the fact that they will invariably prescribe you a medication that you don't need from a pharmaceutical company that they'll receive compensation for giving you their brand of poison. Check out some of the ingredients and side-effects of some of those SSRIs or SNRIs. I'm aware that most individual will never experience symptoms from those medications - and if you have the illness that you claim to have any expertise concerning, they you'd realize that those 10mg of pro-lexa-zol-whatever are not valid prescriptions. But, the kind of clinician you're referring to has no business calling itself a doctor, demonstrated by its repeated behavior - handing out pills to people who don't need them, irrespective of the social, ethical, or clinical results. Yeah, go see a doctor bro. Dude, you are the problem.
Charlie Lewer
This is a very fortunate option. I am exhausted, but sleeping is no comfort - the dreams are like torture. Then, I have to get up every day and pretend like I don't go there every night. Get up and start working like nothing happened.
Lizanne Corbit
I love your suggestion for building a toolkit! This is wonderful advice and something that is so applicable. This is a beautiful concept. These kinds of conversations are so important and truly a key piece in how we can effectively combat stigma.
Lizanne Corbit
This is wonderful advice and something that everyone can make note of. Being in the middle of a family dilemma is never easy for anyone, but I love your suggestion (all of them) but especially offering forgiveness. This is one that we can all use a gentle reminder around.