How can a healthy morning routine help if you're not a fan of getting out of bed in the morning? You're not alone in that feeling. Convincing yourself to leave your bedroom and enter the real world can be a daunting task. However, creating a healthy morning routine can help you learn to greet the morning with a smile.
Near the end of my last post, I briefly suggested the structure of the modern Internet itself contributes to digital self-harm, and that based on that structure, there can be no separation between the mere act of being online and digital self-harm.
A self-esteem affirmation is a positive statement about yourself that, when practiced regularly, can improve your image of yourself. We believe what we hear repeatedly, and when we replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations we can change our belief that we are less worthy of love and happiness than others.
Do you know what learned helplessness is? Well, have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try to achieve a goal, the outcome is totally out of your hands because, in the past, your efforts to do the same proved to be futile? Does this feeling make you feel stuck and powerless, and does it cause you to stop trying in the first place? If your answer is yes, you probably have a case of learned helplessness.
How does dissociative identity disorder (DID) affect self-care? When you hear self-care, you might think of a person practicing yoga, meditating or taking a bubble bath to relax and unwind. While it’s true that all of these activities can fall under the umbrella of self-care, it’s also worth going beyond the run-of-the-mill bubble bath once in a while to make sure everything is in check.
Waking up the morning after binge eating is a horrible feeling. As the gray light of dawn filters into my room, the furniture begins to emerge from the darkness, and I emerge from sleep into a growing sense of trepidation. My bloated and uncomfortable belly bluntly reminds me I've binged again.
Family dinner with disordered eating is always uncomfortable. Here's my deal: I was born with an autoimmune disorder called Behcet's Disease. My symptoms include gastrointestinal ulceration and pain when I eat. This has created a complicated relationship between me and food.
I don't think plus-size Barbie dolls promote positive body image. I have two daughters under eight years old, at least a half-dozen plus-size Barbies in my home, and I fail to see how these dolls showcase a plus-size body—which as far as I can tell, was the point in making them.
Many people who experience periods also experience depression in the form of mood fluctuations that can range anywhere from frustrating to debilitating. If you're like me and you're in recovery from a mood disorder like depression, these monthly fluctuations can be a real source of fear and hopelessness.
One of the symptoms of anxiety that I have experienced throughout my life is difficulty sleeping. During particularly stressful times in my life, I found that difficulty sleeping has been one of the most challenging anxiety symptoms for me to deal with. On the nights that I have a hard time sleeping, I end up falling asleep much later than I intended, and then I do not end up getting a restful night's sleep.

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Thanks for sharing - I’ve dealt with feelings of shame and guilt due to binge drinking. Blacking out, flashing my breasts, hooking up with guys, not remembering the night and just an all around mess when I’d binge drink...basically complete opposite person when sober. It feels less lonely knowing that there are other people who share these experiences.

Although the flashing, hook ups and black outs were several years ago and in the past - the memory will haunt me sometimes. Thoughts of paranoia of whether or not someone recorded me, if people still remember and beating myself up over the past will happen from time to time... But I think like many have already mentioned, forgiveness is the key - I’m just trying to figure out how to get there.

You’re not alone :) I
While not hospitalised, I burnt out during covid lockdown. A fortnight later I tried to go back to work. 4 days later I admitted defeat. My doctor cheered! I am suffering from MDD. I fought to get back to “me’ but did not start to rise from the void until I accepted this was “me” , just another facet.
Kate Beveridge
Hi Lizanne,

Thanks for reading the post and taking the time to leave a comment. Thank you for your supportive words as well and hope to see your engagement with future posts!

Laura A. Barton
Thanks, Lizanne! That's exactly what I was going for with that part of this entry. I hope that it's helpful to others for the exact reasons you've pointed out and describing them as nurturing conversations is the perfect way to put it.
Depression isn't our fault! But how we deal with it counts. Mine is lack of serotonin after 2nd child. Its been 35 yrs. Medication major help,but i still struggle. If all you can do is get out of bed & get dressed, congratulations 👏.
You've accomplished 2 positive things today. Even if you go back to bed! I have days that I do that all day long.
BUT,I have washed a dish,swept a floor,put something where it belongs.
Don't judge yourself by others standards! They aren't dealing with mind numbing depression. You are not lazy! Fight Fight Fight negatives! If you have a bad day & just sleep,don't beat yourself up over it. Today's a new day.
If your surrondings,clutter,unfinished projects depress & overwhelm you, admit it. Get someone,pay someone
to help deal with it for you! Give yourself the gift of a positive environment. Start fresh! If it doesn't make you happy,get rid of it!
Can't do that? Box it up & put out of sight! Im struggling today too!.
Now I will put my thoughts into action.
JESUS is the reason I am & he is there for me. He is there for all that knock & ask him to come into their 💕.