Jessica Kaley
Learning to embrace change will build stronger self-esteem. Instead of spending energy trying to keep things from changing, I have learned to focus on adapting to change for a healthier self-esteem. To do this, I rely on routines and regular prioritization of my needs.
Krystle Vermes
Can a pet relieve the depression and anxiety of dissociative identity disorder (DID)? Let's imagine this: picture yourself in the middle of a panic attack. Your heart is racing, your mind is juggling a million thoughts, and no one can calm you down. Then, you reach for something soft, cuddly, and receptive to your need for comfort. This is what it feels like to turn to a pet for the anxiety and depression associated with DID.
Hollay Ghadery
Binge eating at night is a problem for just about everyone who has the luxury of steady access to food, whether they are in eating disorder recovery or not. However, for those of us in recovery, these nighttime binges can be detrimental to our progress.
Megan Griffith
Behavioral change isn't the only change needed in recovery from mental illness, but it is a key part of feeling better and living the life you want to live. But it is so incredibly hard. I recently had a frustrating, but productive, conversation with my therapist about how I need to start making behavioral changes if I want to keep improving my mental health, and the reason it was so frustrating is because I have never known how to change my behavior.
Rizza Bermio-Gonzalez
Let's face it -- anxiety does not exactly go hand-in-hand with confidence, high self-esteem, and security. I have always found that when I am anxious, I feel less confident, and vice-versa. Now that I reflect on when I was younger, any lack of confidence and insecurity I felt were often associated with my anxiety.
Martyna Halas
Many self-harm stereotypes are linked to immaturity. The common misconception is that if you self-injure, you must be a teenager or going through a phase. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we mustn't forget that self-harm is also prevalent in older adults.
Laura A. Barton
Mental health stigma is easier than compassion for those who struggle with mental health issues. Have you ever thought about how easily people seem to stigmatize others for their mental health struggles? The words are part of commonplace conversation and the way people with mental illness are treated is almost commonplace behavior. It doesn't take effort to participate in stigma.
George Abitante
How often have you tried to lean into your anxiety? If you're like me, you've probably tried at one time or another to avoid anxiety as much as you possibly could. Unfortunately, trying to avoid anxiety tends to perpetuate it rather than relieving it. This conundrum has perplexed me many times in my own life, and I'm guessing you've experienced the same challenge.
Natasha Tracy
At one time, I was obsessed with my own suicide. This isn't a particularly pleasant admission or memory, but it's true. Thoughts of suicide would run through my head every single day. And to be clear, this suicide obsession, wasn't simple teen ennui or just mere "thoughts" that were transienty. It was very distressing and mostly out of my control.
Elizabeth Caudy
Would I have developed schizoaffective disorder if I had gone to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) right out of high school instead of starting at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)? Even though I transferred to SAIC from RISD in the middle of my sophomore year, I seem to love to torment myself with this question. I know, deep down, that I probably would have developed the illness anyway.

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Mahevash Shaikh
Bryan, I feel your pain because I often experience apathy due to depression and PTSD. I am sorry to know you are struggling right now, but as you rightly hope, this is temporary. So please ride it out and take good care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon. In the meanwhile, check out this video if you need some tips:
Nicola Spendlove
Thanks for your comment, Lizanne. I definitely find this to be true -- after all, we are all on the same team and working with the same person at the center. It just makes sense to work together!
Hi Joshua, I'm extremely sorry for your true pain in this unforeseen situation. Please get help if you are thinking, even thinking, of ending your life. You matter! God loves you. The national suicide hotline is800-273-8255 or you can always call 911. I've called the hotline 3 times out of concern for friends, and they were very helpful. I will be praying for you.
sandra McGarrity
Quit the job. Find one you like. Leave the pastor.
Yes, this sounds cut and dried but I understand the situation. I have been there. The church hired the pastor not his wife. You are not receiving a salary. You do not owe them every drop of yourself. If you want to stay with him, tell him in no uncertain terms that you are not going to "buck up" and be at the beck and call of every person who wishes you to be. A true servant, serves when, where, and how she is certain in her heart that God is telling her to, not at the whim of people. God wants you to know that you are enough.
Natasha Tracy
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