Getting good sleep in binge eating disorder (BED) recovery is important to me. However, I've been visiting my family the last few nights, and I haven't been able to sleep well. I've been staying up way later than normal, watching movies with my cousins, and sipping whiskey or snacking on sweet treats before bed. After weekends like these, I am so ready to get back to my regular sleep routines. When I can't get good quality sleep, I tend to overeat all day. Eventually, a lack of good sleep can trigger my binge eating disorder.
Today, I'd like to talk about the battles with my self-esteem that I've encountered in my journey as an actor. I've found some mild success in the industry for those unfamiliar with me, playing a couple of minor roles in HBO shows and doing a commercial for Zoom.
In the last blog post, we looked at how my attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) led me across the Atlantic Ocean on impulse in a short and ill-fated trip to Canada. This time around, I'll talk about how I control impulsivity at home. In particular, I'll show you the simple system I use to get things done.
Being anxious does not automatically mean you are an introvert, just like being an introvert does not automatically mean that you are a chronically anxious person. But in my experience, this has gone hand in hand, and sometimes it feels like it is hard to separate the two.
Depending on where you live, the clocks were set forward this past weekend. While the clocks "springing forward" may be a time-honored tradition, the event plays tricks with my anxiety, sometimes setting me back for days.
Talking about hallucinations brought on by schizophrenia can be triggering to some. For others, it can be therapeutic to discuss their experience. Living with and managing hallucinations can be a process. What is a hallucination? A hallucination can be described as seeing, hearing, or feeling something that isn't there. There are visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, tactile, and other sensory hallucinations.
I'm overwhelmed and lonely, and depression is but one cause of it. Can you believe the state of the world right now? If you thought everything was falling apart when COVID-19 emerged, it's infinitely worse today. One would think that humans would be a more peaceful species in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Sadly, that's not the case.
Anger can be one of the more destructive symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD). Although not everyone experiences anger, many do. For those who have never dealt with unexplained anger, this can be jarring. You may be questioning why you're feeling so angry all the time. You may want to withdraw from your loved ones due to misdirected anger. You might even feel anger toward your child. In those difficult times, there are some strategies to help you cope with your anger. 
Several years ago, when I had just begun the work to heal from anorexia, my therapist often closed out our frequent sessions with the reminder: "Your secrets will keep you sick." It's been a long time since I have seen this particular therapist, but I still carry her mantra with me. Eating disorders thrive on secrecy, shame, and silence—but honesty is the best weapon I have to combat eating disorder temptations when they creep back to the surface.
Sometimes verbal abuse will come from within, even if an individual has grown in a positive environment with a loving, supportive family. For myself, even with a partner who has been terrific at providing everything I need in love and support, I still have that negative voice in my head that goes against everything he tells me.

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Elizabeth Caudy
Hi, Aslaug, thank you for your comment. I am sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. I would talk to your doctor about the possibility that they could be caused by your medication. I hope the fog clears up and you have a blast at film school! Best, Elizabeth
Danielle Tinsley

I would love to talk to you about ehat your son is doing to improve. My 24 year old son has tried multiple meds with horrible side affect. He wants to be off meds. I'd like to support him, but safely.
Wow thank you for making this video! I was diagnosed with ADHD a few months ago, at the age of 36, so I went a long long time with it undiagnosed until it got so bad I couldn’t function.

I’ve started medication and both that and being aware of the fact that I have ADHD had helped me be a bit more self aware, but also the flip side of that is I’m realizing all these things I do or have done my whole life that are potential problems.

I’ve ALWAYS over-explained things without realizing I was doing it until someone would point it out to me, and then maybe I’d be a little more self aware for a bit, but quickly fall back into the bad habits and stop noticing when I over-explained or over-shared or just talked too much.

I came across your video today after 3 different people (in the span of only 2 days) in my life basically told me I talk to much and it’s overwhelming/stressful/too much. It hurt, but mostly because I know they’re right, and because I’m sensitive to criticism about social skills as I KNOW they’re not a strength of mine. It’s a major insecurity.

May I ask was it just time that helped you get better at it? Were there specific things you did to help you become more aware when you were doing it or remember to pull back? I’m still struggling a lot with that. It’s hard to change something when I can’t seem to stop and think about what needs changing before I do it! Meds have helped a little with that but maybe I just need a lot more practice now that I have the tool of medication?
Soulful quotations
Really , good friends are hard to find, there are toxic people everywhere. But when you find good ones don't leave them.
No, abuse can be sexually, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally and verbally. He's not a man but a big baby who never grew up and never will. Get out. I am in the process of getting out. Police departments have domestic abuse workers, the YWCA will help. Just get up, run if you have to. Pack a bag with important papers, set of clothes and essentials. Hide it. Grab it on your way out to a new life. I hope you don't wait until your over 50 to decide you deserve better. Don't waste another minute. Please.