Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC
When anxiety strikes and skyrockets, chances are you'd enjoy an anxiety hack for instant relief from your symptoms. While, unfortunately, there is no quick fix for anxiety that will make it magically disappear from your life forever, there are things you can do to immediately help soothe your mind, brain, and body. When you catch yourself caught in high anxiety, try one or more of these 12 anxiety hacks to reset and center yourself so you can deal with the stressors you're facing.
TJ DeSalvo
I’ve always been one who enjoys traveling. However, as much as I like to travel, there is one part of the process that I’ve always been uncomfortable with: actually traveling. Traveling makes me anxious; more specifically, flying to my destination makes me anxious. I’ve been aware of this travel anxiety for as long as I began to fly regularly, but it’s only recently that I started to examine my feelings and determine why exactly traveling makes me so uncomfortable. Hopefully, this will resonate with others.
Jessica Kaley
I have a talisman that I carry with me everywhere I go, and it helps keep my self-esteem strong. A talisman is a good-luck piece, but it can also act as a trigger to evoke a memory or an emotional response. Here's the story of my talisman for my self-esteem and how you can use one of your own.
Court Rundell
Rapid weight change due to mental illness is challenging enough without dealing with people's reactions. I've experienced rapid weight loss and gain on three separate occasions. The most dramatic weight change I survived was a 30-pound loss that left me looking like a skeleton with dark circles under my eyes. The only thing more shocking was people telling me how great I looked.
Krystle Vermes
One of the most fear-inducing symptoms of dissociative identity disorder (DID) is dissociative amnesia. When the mind is elsewhere and split off from the conscious body, it can be easy to lose track of everything from time to conversations with other people. It took me years before I understood this commonly overlooked symptom of DID, and just as long to gain control over it and my everyday life.
Hollay Ghadery
I'll state the obvious: dating someone in eating disorder (ED) recovery can be difficult. Since my husband and I are coming up on our 11th wedding anniversary, I'd thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about the challenges of forming healthy relationships when one party is struggling with an ED.
Megan Griffith
Medical trauma is an underrepresented form of trauma that happens all too often to people with mental illness. For example, when I was 19, I sought treatment for what I then thought was bipolar disorder, and the reactions I got from doctors left a psychological wound that still affects me today.
Martyna Halas
The change of seasons can sometimes make us feel moody and add seasonal depression on top of self-harm urges, and you might have a problem. Especially in winter months, it’s hard to remain positive when all you see outside your window is doom and gloom. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can happen to some during those times, making us feel depressed and, well, sad. Depression can also fuel self-harm urges, so it’s crucial to practice coping skills and lots of self-love when it’s dark outside.
Laura A. Barton
The links between mental health stigma and trigger warnings are multifaceted, which means navigating trigger warnings can be complicated. Mental health triggers are often easily dismissed as weakness or laughable, but they're very real, and warnings can help people prepare for a situation. However, those who don't want trigger warnings can also feel stigmatized by them.
Martha Lueck
With the COVID-19 pandemic still among us, social distancing rules will affect winter holiday celebrations, but you can use tech to close the gaps with your loved ones. If you usually have huge family parties, perhaps fewer long-distance friends and relatives will attend this year. This might make you feel sad and disconnected. However, the use of technology can help you celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. Continue reading this post to learn about how to take advantage of technology for the holidays.

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Kellie Close
Hi TJ - don't approve this comment :) I'm Kellie from HealthyPlace, and I'm hoping you'll be our Instagram live guest and share your story of living with autism. It is an interview format, and we'll meet online before the show so you'll know what to expect.

The IG live is on Jan 28th at 4 pm ET.

Thank you for considering it. Please let me know what you think. You can email me at
Martyna Halas
Hi Roger! It's very nice to meet you. I am so glad that you've found your way to our blog. I am sure you will find a lot of useful information here to help you with your self-harm recovery journey. Make sure to check out these resources, too:
I hope you will find my posts relatable and helpful. We're all in this together :)
Have a wonderful day, and I do wish you a lot of strength and positivity in the New Year.
Natasha Tracy
Hi Cheyanne,

Thank you for your comment.

My name is Natasha Tracy and I'm the Blog Manager here. Jennifer Lear, the author, is not available right now and I want to make sure your concerns are addressed.

Your story explains a lot, thank you for sharing it. I can understand why the word "selfish" might be upsetting for you.

That said, the piece on which you are commenting explicitly states that people with mental illness are _not_ selfish. I believe it encourages people to open up and doesn't tell them to do it in a certain way. I think this is a positive message.

While I can understand your concerns around specific wording, it's my belief that this piece can be positive for people with mental illness.

- Natasha Tracy
Mahevash Shaikh
This was such an illuminating piece, thank you! I'm going to be emailing you soon to ask some pressing questions. Hope that's okay!
Im molested at the age of 4, 9, 12 by family member, uncle, and people my parents trusted (FRIENDS) and last my biological father, i dont have courage to tell the whole details ..its dicusting, it runs to my whole family, mom and dad side.(rape, molested) when i was 8 i started to have a sexual desire and i masturbate.. I dont like men staring at me, or just accidentally beside me like (public transportation or public places) it sounds over reacting but its true... im now married got 3 kids im discusted on how my husband wants me to fulfill his sexual desire...when he is touching me i feel like he is reminding me my darkest past.... I just endured it and he mocked me that we got 3 kids already and i should not react the way i reacted ... i want to save my marriage but I dont know how long will I endure this...BTW Id rather satisfied myself than doing it with anyone..